October 27, 2021

Opening Our Doors To Whole A New Menu


Sometimes, taking a different road to reach the same destination is what makes life so beautiful!


Open your doors to a whole new menu crafted by Doors Dubai.


A whole new set of delicious appetizers, sides, drinks, and grills. Feast your eyes on our new menu prepared by the master chefs in our kitchen, carefully set on par with the fine dining experience we always offer at Doors. A menu that melts your heart and meets your every gastronomical desire. 


For Starters

Avocado Pizza

For starters, we have prepared for you the finest mindfully-prepared appetizers to indulge your taste buds and to act as the perfect blend between the luxurious ambience of the Doors and the gastronomical fulfilment of our dishes.


Add a slice of our Avocado Pizza baked with our special bread that’s just right for any occasion. Or become the star of the evening by ordering our star dumplings that bursts with flavour in your mouth. Kickstart your evenings at Doors at just the right note with our delicious new entrés.


New Starters In Our Menu:-

  • Avacado Pizza
  • Star Dumplings
  • Veg Pasta



Apple Salad


The healthiest way to start off your evenings at Doors would be by enjoying our fresh from the garden salads. Each with their own taste, our nutritiously rich salads aim to please your taste as it does with your health. Order our Apple Salad for sweet bites of healthy joy, or if you want to spice it up a bit, we would recommend our Spicy Pepper Salad.

New Salads In Our Menu:-

  • Apple Salad
  • Spinach Salad
  • Spicy Pepper Salad
  • Snowfall Salad



Cheese PIda


We serve our Pida fresh from the oven, giving out a soft and chewy texture that’s delightful to bite into. Add fine cheese or the best beef in the world and you got yourself a mouthful of deliciousness just bursting with flavours.


New Pidas In Our Menu:-

  • Wagyu Beef Pida
  • Cheese Pida


On A Side Note

Lamb Asados

What makes Doors one of the best fine dining restaurants in the world is the well-thought-out menu crafted by the Doors Chefs. This includes sides that go excellently well with the main course. Whether it is Corn on the cobs, pidas, lamb asados, each and every side perfectly complements the main course that you choose. Be sure to listen to our expert waiting staff to learn the must-try pairings. 


New Sides In Our Menu:-

  • Corn On The Cobs
  • Lamb Asados
  • Pidas
  • Baked Potato
  • Baked Potato
  • Beef Steak Burger
  • Lamb Neck




With food and ambience so good, many of our customers get too excited with the Doors experience. We usually recommend our well-mixed mocktails to water the Door’s experience down a bit. Not only does our specially prepared and served beverages elevate the Doors experience for lasting the Doors fine dining experience, but it also complements the flavours and smells of the dishes as well. Our service staff will guide you through the beverages that mix well with dishes you wish to have.  


Whoever said healthy isn’t tasty hasn’t tried our delicious Ginger Galaxy. Not only does it taste good, but it also helps as a detox drink good for digestion. But for those who are looking for deliciousness alone, the grapes of life are just for you. The drink is made with freshly plucked grapes and goes well as a complimenting drink to any dish you order.


New Beverages In Our Menu:-

  • Ginger Galaxy
  • Grapes Of Life
  • Mixy Berries
  • Orenchnilla
  • Pinechamomile
  • Peaches
  • Green Temptation
  • Fizzy Mara tree lovecuya
  • Liminto
  • Virgin Mojito


Main Dishes

Doors Menu

Last but not the least, we have the main courses of the evening. Well-cooked and plated, Masterchef-worthy dishes that are bound to excite your senses. Whether it be the tender beef kofta or the extremely juicy Wagyu beef tail, our master chefs in our kitchen can prepare for you exquisite world-class fine dining experiences that can take your senses on top of the world. We welcome you to try our new main dishes on the menu.


With many requests, our fan-favourite Beef Butterfall Steak had us bring its close cousin- the Lamb Butterfall Steak to the table. The juicy and tender lamb brings along a spectacular show as it is burnt, cut, and placed from the bone to your plate by our master chefs. Bread has always been accompanied well with meats, but with the right preparations, it’s a burst of flavours in one’s mouth. Our beef steak burger does just that with freshly baked buns, well-cooked steak, and assorted vegetables and sauces mixed prepared together for the perfect bite. 


New Main Dishes In Our Menu:-

  • Lamb Butterfall Steak
  • Beef Steak Burger
  • Beef Kofta
  • Wagyu Beef Tail
  • Lamb Stick
  • Chicken Kofta
  • Chicken Shaslik
  • Fresh Salad
  • Eggplant Salad


Explore New Gastronomical Roads


What makes a truly world-class restaurant- a world-class restaurant has to do with not one, but many reasons. The ambience, chef, etc. all contribute towards its speciality, but most of all is consistency. We, at Doors, understand the need to bring out new tastes, new textures, and new feelings to the table to get our customers to fall in love with our fine dining experience. We welcome you to Doors where every dish will take you to the same gastronomical heights. 


Come book your table today and experience world-class fine dining like no other, here at Doors Dubai.

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