September 30, 2021

Inside Doors- Our Finest Cuts


Our Finest Cuts

If you ask our customers why they say Doors are a cut above the rest, they will let you know that one of the finer reasons why is because of the premium cuts of meat we serve.  


Step inside our Doors and find yourself choosing between an array of fresh, fine cut, premium meats, each bringing with its unique tenderness and flavour. 


Beef Tenderloin

Doors Beef Tenderloin Steak

The Classic cut of beef is the most tender of all the meats and arguably the most expensive. This strip of beef is taken from the muscle tucked against the backbone of the animal. This cut is also extremely lean, which gives its audience a melt-in-your-mouth sensation when eaten. Mix this cut with the flavours at Doors Dubai, and you’ve got yourself walking away with an unforgettable dining experience.


Rib Eye

Rib Eye


Unlike the tender tenderloin cut, which gathers its flavours from the sauce and spices we add, this rich cut of meat brings its rich flavour with it. The Rib Eye is one of the most flavoursome cuts of beef you can get with its ample fat content. And because of its rich marbling, the rib eye offers a superior taste that goes very well with tenderness. The cut found in the rib section of the animal, once prepared by the master chefs in our kitchen, is a must-try for any steak connoisseur.


Beef Striploin

Doors Gold-Striploin-Steak


Another tender cut of meat derived from the backbone of the animal is the Striploin cut. Like the Tenderloin cut, which is next to it, this cut of meat is tender, has a rich texture and is exceptionally flavourful. It is condensed with the best red meat and juicy fat, giving it a rich flavour with a tender bite. And for those who want to experience royalty, devour the succulent Striploin Steak embellished with a delicate layer of gold by asking our waiter for the luxuriously mouth-watering Gold Striploin Steak.


Beef Ribs

Doors Beef Ribs Steak


As the name suggests, this fine cut of meat comes from the animal’s ribs, just like the Rib Eye cut. With fantastic marbling and just the right amount of fat, the ribs are incredibly flavourful with the right texture to melt in your mouth. The juicy nature of the rib meat allows it to be cooked in its own juices. If you’re a fan of a cut of meat, we would like to recommend the smoky, rich flavoured and ultra-tender Beef Asado made from the ribs cuts of beef braised up to 5 to 6 hours.


A Cut Made for You

Every cut has its benefits; there are cuts like the tenderloin, which are incredibly tender with less flavour. Then there are those like the Striploin cut, which condenses the best of red meat and juicy fat flavours. When at doors, you can rest assured that our service staff shall help you find the best meat cut and prepare it according to your taste preferences. Step inside our Doors and enjoy and experience the best flavours of meat. 


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