November 4, 2021

7 New Must-Try Dishes To Try At Doors Freestyle Grill


We can tell you’re excited about our new Doors menu and maybe a bit too excited that you don’t know what to order yet! Well, we’re here to help you out with just that! We’re going to help you with the must-try top dishes we are serving from the new menu. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig right in!


For Starters:-

Snowfall Salad 

Cool down from your sunny day with a refreshing bowl of fresh vegetables iced and seasoned with our homemade spices and sauces. This refreshing bowl is a must try to beat the middle eastern heat and simply relax and enjoy the luxurious ambience that Doors offers.


 Wagyu Beef Pida

Wagyu Beef Pida

What do you get when you add the best cut of meat in the world with the traditional middle eastern soft and chewy bread? A bite filled with flavours. The soft and chewy freshly baked bread mixed with seasonal vegetables and topped with the special Wagyu beef is one for the books- a must-try for all visiting Doors. 


Avocado Pizza

Baked straight from the Doors oven comes a delicious starter filled with nutrition and loaded with taste. The Avocado Pizza is one of those starters you can sit back, share a slice with your friends, and enjoy the conversations rolling by. 


Our Recommended Drink:-  


Grapes Of Life

Moving on to beverages now, a must-try we would like to recommend is the Grapes of Life. This drink is made from freshly squeezed juicy grapes along with their pulp to give you the ultimate refreshment to have. What’s more, the Grapes Of Life also goes well with the meaty dishes you’ve ordered, complementing the taste to give your dish the best experience. 


And For The Main Course:-


Beef Steak Burger

For those who love big, juicy, and tender steakhouse burgers, this one is made for you. Enjoy freshly baked bread with juicy Doors steak slices stacked between them—this one is for those who love steaks and burgers. Enjoy!


Lamb Neck

Lamb Neck

The lamb neck is a flavoursome dish with just the right amount of tenderness to go with it. The piece of meat is exceptionally tender and juicy and full of flavour, making it a must-try on our new menu from Doors


Lamb Butterfall Steak

If you have been to Doors before, you would know the visual and gastronomical extravaganza offered by our chefs especially for our Doors favourite Beef Butterfall Steak. And because many of you have suggested, we wanted to bring that excitement in a brand new flavour with the Lamb Butterfall Steak. This juicy and tender piece of meat cooked and sliced right in front of you is a treat made for royalty. Enjoy every bite and experience only at Doors.


Our master chefs in our kitchen have carefully curated the new menu to delight every one of you. To know what else our chefs have been crafting, check out our New Doors Menu.


Book your table today and experience world-class fine dining like no other here at Doors Dubai.




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