June 26, 2019



Spotlight On: Our Exclusive Melt in Mouth Collection


Indulgence has a new name, and it is our Melt in Mouth collection. Our head chef Kemal Ceylan has masterfully conceptualized five beef and lamb dishes that will make you swoon, sigh and melt. A cornucopia of fiery flavors that promises to awaken your senses one forkful at a time. Now we ask you to sit down, roll up your sleeves, steak knife in hand and get ready to cut through an unparalleled gastronomic journey. Die-hard carnivores, this is one ride you do not want to miss out on.


Beef Asado

Sensational taste. Our Beef Asado is marinated and slowly braised for five to six hours. Succulent and juicy short beef ribs that will delicately fall off the bone and into your heart.


Lamb Asado

Flavor intensified. A premium cut of tender and fragrant lamb short ribs from our farms is braised for five to six hours. Deliciousness guaranteed.


Lamb Saddle

Deliciously tempting. Tender and packed with flavor, our Lamb Saddle is slowly cooked for eight hours. Are you ready to saddle up?

Lamb Neck

Culinary artistry at its best. Our sizzling Lamb Neck is marinated and then deliciously cooked for 8 hours.


Lamb Rack

This is definitely a showstopper. Expertly marinated in our unique blend of spices and slow cooked for eight hours, our Lamb Rack will keep you craving for. To enjoy these delectable dishes make sure you book your table at least one day in advance. Bon Appetit.

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