August 26, 2019



Time and again, Doors Freestyle Grill has established itself as Dubai’s ultimate gastronomic indulgence for carnivores. But with an exhaustive collection of exclusive dishes catering to all taste buds, we are more than just your premium steakhouse. Whether you’re a diehard pescetarian or just a seafood lover, Doors Freestyle Grill is your go-to destination for a culinary cornucopia of oceanic flavors. Carefully handpicked golden marine delights make way for some of the most exquisite seafood dishes. It’s an absolute paradise for seafood lovers; an unequivocal Seafood Extravaganza.

Dine like a king with our Grilled King Prawns

Indulge in our divinely succulent grilled King Prawns infused with the goodness of our tangy garlic sauce all by yourself. An exotic and succulent treat you just cannot miss!

A Sea Bream that’s grilled to perfection

Our Grilled Sea Bream is an immensely popular option that redefines the essence of deliciousness.

Get cracking and savour the juicy flavours of our King Crab Legs

Fresh from the sea, our super moist and flavorsome King Crab Legs served with a fragrant fish sauce and fiery red chilies will leave you craving for more.

Dig into the goodness of our Sea Bass tucked under baked sea salt

When culinary theatrics matches tantalizing tastes, then who would dare to complain! That’s right! Enjoy our juicy baked sea bass with a little bit of drama at your table with the cracking of the oceanic blue flamed baked salt by our social butler. It’s an experience that’ll truly awaken your senses.

Feel and dine like royalty with our Freestyle Lobster

The freshly caught Freestyle Lobster, from our in-house aquarium, is lusciously appetizing. It has rightly crowned itself the King of Seafood. Hail to flavour. So Seafood Lovers! It is indeed a crime to miss such an indulgent seafood dining experience.

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