September 21, 2021

The Ultimate Bucket List For Every Dubai Traveler


The Dubai Bucket List


Dubai is a city that is full of surprises. People from different cultures come here to work and live. At this tourist capital of the world, there is something amazing at every turn. And what’s more, is that there are great people here who are always willing to help you out. 


So it’s time to get out there and begin ticking all this awesome stuff off your Dubai bucket list.


Right at the Top

Bucket List

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and a must-visit for travellers in Dubai. The Burj is not just a world-renowned architectural wonder but also a top pick for skydiving. Guests can enjoy a bird’s eye view of Dubai from one of the highest points of the city and then experience an adrenaline rush by jumping out from over 160 floors high. 


In a Freefall

Dubai Sky Diving

Dubai offers some of the best possibilities for skydiving in the world. Strap yourself to an expert skydiver and jump from a plane at 13,000 feet. The one-minute freefall over the Palm Jumeirah is the closest you can get to flying, and the tranquil descent gives you a view to remember for the rest of your life.

Apart from the Palm, there are several other skydiving destinations in Dubai. The city is one of the most popular places for skydiving because it has some of the best conditions to dive into. One can experience different atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity that you would not find anywhere else. The country of UAE has a lot of open spaces that are ideal for skydiving.


Roam Free

Dubai Desert Safari

A Desert Safari in Dubai is not just about seeing the desert. It’s also about experiencing the UAE’s history, culture and wildlife. The night safari is the best option for travellers. During the overnight desert safari the clear skies for a fascinating opportunity for stargazing. Rent a dune buggy and bash the dines during the nights with a loved one. Since the nights are cooler, it makes the aura a bit more romantic and also adventurous to ride on the dunes late into the night. 


Standing in the middle of this Arabian Desert is a relaxing experience because this gorgeous land is a nirvana of peace and tranquillity during the late-night hours. This overnight desert safari could start with a nice BBQ dinner, a cultural program, and a desert dune safari Dubai which can extend into a camp stay in the desert and end with an early morning breakfast.


Snowing in Dubai?

Ski Dubai

Want to enjoy the snow in Dubai? Throw yourself into the winter wonderland of Ski Dubai. Head into the snow-laden, sub-zero indoor complex.


Old Dubai

Travel back in time to the golden town known as Old Dubai. Discover how Dubai used to be with reminiscence of the past still filled in Old Dubai’s streets, located on the banks of Dubai Creek. You can find yourself admiring the wonderful old coral building that brings light to the heritage of Dubai at Al Seef. Carry on along the banks of the Creek, and you shall find charming examples of how the traditionally built buildings are fused with modern architecture to give you the old and new feel of the Dubai marketplace. Last but not least, brace yourself further to the incredible sunset view with a Luxurious Dining Experience by Doors Dubai.

Doors Al see view

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