August 2, 2021

Tripadvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award for Doors Dubai


Doors Dubai has been awarded the auspicious Traveler’s Award for the year 2021 by Tripadvsior. Only the best of the best destinations in the eyes of the genuine travelers looking for good food get to place the badge for all to see- to indicate that “Yes, we have been voted one of the best restaurants in Dubai by the people”

Unlike the Michelin stars, the Traveler’s Choice award by Tripadvisor holds much more weight to us for mainly two reasons. A) It is an achievement awarded solely by the people’s appreciation (rather than judgements of chefs or other organisations) and B) It places us in the top 10 out of the 8128 other restaurants in Dubai.

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We were so busy cooking good food for you that we rarely found the time to look at all the trip advisor reviews that got us so far. But now, with the award in our hands, it only seems fair to go back a little and help ourselves and you to indulge in some fine well written reviews cooked up specially by our lovely writers who have eaten with us. So what are we waiting for? Bon Appetit!

For Starters

-Perfect For Any Occasion

Celebrations are always open to Doors. For after all, Doors is a form of celebration as well- the celebration of good food and good company. If you have those two, any day and every day can be a celebration(as you can see inside our Doors). From our special occasions like Valentine’s day, or our Ramadan Iftar or any other special day occasions to our more recurring events like Business Lunches, All You Can Eat Meat days, Women’s Wednesdays & Mock n’Roll Mondays, Doors Dubai is the perfect destination for it all occasions!

Our Main Course 

-Amazing Food


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And for the main attraction of the evening, it is of course something that holds us close to our hearts which we try to cater to yours as well- the Food. The ambience, the service, they all come secondary to the real reason we are here today. We got in the business of making good food because we enjoy making good food as much as seeing you enjoy savouring it. Inside our Doors, our food shall always be our main course.

And For Dessert

-Memorable Experience



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And to top it all off, last but not the least, we have our customer’s experiences. Be it the great food, the ambience, our service or simply the vibe of it all, we make sure your journey from the moment you enter our Doors will be nothing short of blazing spectacular experiences all the way for you. We make sure once the journey ends, it’s replaced with fond everlasting memories of inside the Doors, hoping you come back soon to make more memories with us.

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We open our doors for many more food enthusiasts to join us in our journey to bring the people the best fine dining experience Dubai can offer. Inviting you to book your tables now, enjoy our great fine dining experience and of course, share your experience with us. 

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