February 13, 2020



Next time you are looking for the perfect location, why not visit a culinary paradise like Doors Freestyle Grill! We think you’ll find everything you’re looking for within our luxurious steak and seafood restaurant.

What Makes a Fine Dining Restaurant?

According to stats, only 4% of the thousands of restaurants in Dubai are classified as fine dining restaurants. That means you’ll have to look a little harder to find something better and more special than a café, food court, or casual dining experience.

Introducing Doors Freestyle Grill

Exceptional Food

Of course the food at a fine dining restaurant is top-notch and menu items are expertly prepared. The best quality ingredients are used, and dishes are served in an aesthetically pleasing way. Menu items should have a combination of creative, innovative and familiar flavors. They are usually created and prepared by a chef with many years of experience. At our fusion steakhouse restaurant in Dubai, Doors Freestyle Grill, you can expect a refreshing and tantalizing combination of finely crafted mocktails, mojitos, perfect tasking steaks, seafood, salads, desserts and a whole lot more.

Impeccable Service

When the hosts, servers, and chefs take pride in their work, you’ll notice a difference. At a fine dining restaurant, everyone will work to cater to your needs with impeccable hospitality. You will get a customized experience with the help of attentive, welcoming, friendly and polite staff. At a fine dining restaurant, the standard of service is the factor that sets it apart from lesser quality establishments.

A High-Class, One-of-a-Kind Atmosphere

A stylish and sophisticated ambiance makes you feel special from the moment enter Doors Freestyle Grill until the moment you leave. Every fine dining restaurant will have a different atmosphere. All the senses should be engaged: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. From the lighting to the art, furniture, music, aroma, textures and aesthetic design of the space, it should be unique, carefully-chosen down to the last detail, and true to the restaurant’s brand. All in all, a fine dining experience is more than just a meal. It captures all your senses and provides you with so much more than just a meal!

Doors Freestyle Grill Steakhouse Restaurant

There are several steakhouse influences to be found at our restaurant in particular our two famous, long established restaurant outlets in China. At Doors Dubai, guests look forward to the finest cuts of meat, seasoned and cooked to perfection. From the exquisite Beef Asado to the unique Thor’s Hammer Steak, the Five Senses Lamb Burger, you’ll find that our chefs know how to prepare meat to perfection. There is also an irresistible array of delicious side dishes, salads, and desserts. You can even create your own surf and turf feast with dishes like Grilled King Prawns, Crab Legs, Sea Salt Baked Sea Bass and more. There’s something for everyone, even the vegetarian or vegan diner!

Doors Al Seef Dubai Creek

You’ll find an experience at Doors Freestyle Grill that’s not just about delicious food, stellar service and the sophisticated atmosphere. The incredible, one-of-a-kind menu of our fusion steakhouse created by world-renowned Chef Kemal Çéylan, is also about the stunning location. Have you visited Al Seef destination alongside Dubai’s historic creek? The spectacular day and night time views of yachts, lit dhows passing along the creek creates an amazing day or night time dining experience! To make your reservation simply visit our book a table page, call or send us a Whatsapp message +97150 70 00375 and feel free to ask us any questions about Doors Freestyle Grill!

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