April 22, 2022

Top Dine-in Iftar in Dubai During Ramadan 2022


The month of Ramadan is a time to be in Dubai. Breaking your fast is a special occasion for Muslims and must be treated as such with a wide variety of traditional Ramadan cuisine. Dubai, being one of the Islamic states, celebrates Ramadan extravagantly with many restaurants serving rich and flavourful Iftar Menus.


Experience the best of Iftar 2022 at Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai

Women's Day

A specially curated Iftar menu awaits you inside the Doors Freestyle Grill. The master chefs at Doors take special care in preparing traditional Ramadan dishes that quench your hunger as it does all your gastronomical temptations. With more than 10 Iftar dishes, Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai is the No.1 Dine-in in Dubai to feast on during Iftar.




We start breaking the fast traditionally with dates and a special soup that’s rich with flavour and aroma. Something as lite as soup serves best before starting off with our other main dishes.


The Mezze Platter

Our Ramadan Iftar Platter consists of in-house Bread, 2 types of Salads, 2 types of Barbeque, Hummus, Kaymak with honey, and our specialty Doors Iskender. 


Main Dishes

Iftar wouldn’t be complete without our main dishes of the evening. From Grilled Prawns to Lamb Chops, each of our 5 main dishes come prepared with signature Doors flavours that will make an evening at Doors Freestyle Grill a night to remember. 


Desserts & Mocktails


Last but not least, special mocktails and desserts will be served throughout the course to enhance and finish your meal fulfilled with delight.

What’s more, you can enjoy the celebration with your family overlooking the mesmerizing sunset of Al Seef also offered by the outdoor tables Inside the doors.


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