October 25, 2022

Enhance your gastronomic experience with invigorating selection of drinks from Doors Freestyle Grill’s Mixology Lab


Eating and drinking go hand in hand, and we firmly believe that a sophisticated choice of beverage is what transforms a regular meal into a delightful savory feast.  From cool refreshing drinks, to beat the afternoon heat, to warm and comforting brews to welcome the onset of winters, we have it all to ensure that you enjoy a complete and cohesive meal.

A melting mélange of flavors, our Mixology Lab section offers a wide variety of especially curated non-alcoholic blends that will not just satiate your thirst but offer a burst of intoxicating flavors to accompany your food. We understand that a fine drink paired with delicious food is indispensable for an amazing dining experience. And thus, from fresh juices to healthy smoothies, calming teas to rejuvenating fruit infusions, spirited coffees to spicy fun mocktails; our extensive beverage menu takes care of all your season-based, mood-based, mealtime-based, and occasion-based beverage preferences.

Everything enlisted in our beverage menu is crafted with love, however, here are few top-of-the-line options that you shouldn’t miss:

Baharatli Mango: A perfect amalgamation of sweetness of juicy mangoes & cranberries and spiciness of chili and togarashi makes it an invigorating summer special concoction to beat that scorching heat.

Tiki Cooler: Experience tropical vibes with this delicious pineapple drink, supplemented with sweetness of coconut & orgeat and seasoned with a hint of mint & cinnamon to give you a burst of cooling freshness.

Passion Mamba: Tangy, yet rich and creamy; this fancy passion fruit & lychee drink topped with whisked egg white foam is a perfect accompaniment to a lavish food spread.

Cucumber Lychee Cooler: A nutritious drink that soothes your body too. Sweetness of lychee, healthiness of apple and cucumber with a tinge of zingy lemon makes it a super cool healthy drink to go best with the afternoon meals.

Doga PomBerry: Looking for a fulfilling smoothie brimming with antioxidants, well this is the beverage for you. This blend of fresh yogurt, berries and pomegranate drizzled with honey makes it an ideal choice for someone who enjoys a revitalizing drink with a light meal.

Chamomile Tea: A calming herbal infusion with a recognized flavor of chamomile and soft minty taste induced by mint & lemongrass makes it a great beverage to enjoy after a hard workday.

Fruity Tea: Love a fruity infusion; well, this hibiscus and rosehip tea bursting with mellow flavors of grapes, cherries, green apple, and orange will satiate your craving and evoke warm springtime memories.

Turkish Coffee: Brewed in a special copper cezve, this thick and aromatic dark roasted, finely ground coffee is sure to win hearts of coffee lovers looking for a unique experience. The key is to enjoy it slowly with a good conversation!

Rose Cappuccino: Here’s a delightful variation of cappuccino infused with mild flavor of rose to give your palate a rich and creamy feel.

Spiced Eruption: As the name suggests, this is an aromatic spice-rich fusion encompassing passionfruit and apple induced with intense flavor of cardamom, nutmeg, and mint. A wonderful after-meal beverage with a deep, lasting aftertaste.

Fruta De Sangria: This is a delicious fruity drink made with apple, mango, and citrus; steeped with non-alcoholic red wine and blue tea. A delightful beverage to best enjoy with hearty meat-heavy meals.

And this is not all! True to our penchant for providing new creations & unique recipes to ensure that our clients experience something distinctive every time they visit, we have added 4 new blends to our otherwise exhaustive beverage menu. Excited to introduce our new selection of drinks:

Bazooka Gum: A sumptuous fruity combination of banana, passionfruit, and pineapple accentuated with warm vanilla and clove spice notes.

Mad Potion: A healthy green tea potion infused with tanginess of kiwi, orange, and lemon. A great after-meal drink to celebrate a perfect end to a satisfying supper.

Hale Flow: A tranquil green tisane with burst of apple, pineapple and lemon to calm and destress your mind after a long hectic day.

Doors 24K: This is what luxury tastes like! Experience a luscious raspberry and caramel blend, smoked, and supplemented with edible 24 karat gold flakes.

Our team has been hard at work to produce an incredible selection of drinks to match your different moods and predilections and we are certain that you will find something that you will love. Visit Doors Freestyle Grill with your friends and loved ones for a memorable dining experience and do let us know which drink you enjoyed the most.

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