November 5, 2020

The Most Expensive Steaks in the World


Enjoying a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth, flavorful cut of beef is an excellent way to reward yourself after a long day of work. However, some steaks are a cut above the rest and more expensive than others. As such, you will have to think twice about ordering them or save a bit to ensure you can afford them. Most of the time, you won’t hesitate to indulge in the best steak in Dubai if it is worth its price.



Steaks are complete meals, as well. If you want to eat something that will keep you full for hours, ordering one at your favourite restaurant is always a great idea.



Succulent Steaks Worth Their Price Tags

So, you may be wondering which steaks are considered the most expensive in the world, yet worth the splurge? Here are the top five:



1. Vintage Cote De Boeuf Rib Steak:


The most expensive steak on the planet comes from Boucherie Polmard in France. It costs $3,000 per steak. If you order it from a restaurant, expect to pay a bit more.


These cuts of beef are on the pricey side since they were harvested between 1998 and 2009. As such, the steaks are superbly aged, making them tender and packed with flavour when cooked.


Additionally, these steaks are stored in a freezer that maintains a temperature of -45°F. The meats are subjected continuously to the high pressure of cold air as well.


Because of their hefty price tags, only a handful of chefs can prepare and have the opportunity to serve these steaks.



2. A5 Kobe Strip Steak


Kobe beef, meat that comes from the Wagyu cattle raised in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan, is also one of the priciest steaks in the world. A5 is at the top tier of its rating system; cuts that receive this grade are decadent and expensive.


A5 Kobe beef is distinguished by its exceptional marbling. In its raw state, the meat looks almost white due to the amount of fat it has.


Because of this intense marbling, each Kobe strip steak is packed with flavour and has a buttery texture. It is also so tender that the meat falls apart easily and seemingly melts while inside your mouth.


Most steakhouses offer a single order of the A45 Kobe strip steak at $200 or $300.



3. Full-blood Wagyu Tenderloin


Australia also has its own version of Wagyu beef, which is produced by the David Blackmore Farm.


The farm has a specially designed breeding program. It combines Japan’s most famous Wagyu bloodlines, which include Itozakura, Kikumidoi, and Kikutsuru, with well-chosen breeds, unique farming methods, and an eco-feeding process that ensures the meat they harvest has excellent marbling.


Blackmore’s full-blood Wagyu also stands out in terms of meat and fat colour, and rib depth.


A full-blood Wagyu tenderloin can set you back at least $295.



4. American Wagyu Sirloin Steak


Like Australia, the US also tried to raise Wagyu cattle and succeeded. At present, American Wagyu is the finest beef in the USA and its most expensive.


Wagyu cattle bred and raised on American soil receive the best care. They are given time for exercise and rest to alleviate any tension or stress they feel. Additionally, they are fed a high-grain diet, which includes barley, corn, forage, grass, rice straw, and soybean.


The cattle farming and feeding breeding program results in beef that has intense marbling and rich flavour. Also, the fat in American Wagyu melts at a lower temperature than other kinds of beef, resulting in a buttery-smooth flavour.


A pound of American Wagyu costs around $110 to $120. If you order it at a restaurant, you will have to pay more for a plate.



5. Gold Striploin Steak


As the city of opulence, Dubai also has opulent steak worthy of its steep price tag: the Gold striploin steak.


Striploin, or sirloin, is a premium cut of steak known for its melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich flavour. It is almost as tender as a fillet and packed with the rich taste of red meat and juicy fat.


This cut has a unique fat coverage that runs along the outside, thereby allowing the steak to remain juicy during cooking.


At Doors Freestyle Grill, which is one of the best restaurants in Al Seef, you can indulge in this succulent steak with a unique topping or rub: edible 24-carat gold. This dish is one of the most opulent meals you can enjoy in Dubai.



Factors That Make These Steaks Worth the Extra Splurge

Different factors contribute to the higher price tags of these steaks. The most important factors that influence the prices of the premium steaks are


1. Grade: USA, Australia, and Japan have different rating scales in terms of the best quality of steaks. USA classifies beef as USDA Prime if it gets the highest score of 5. Premium Australian beef is given a rating of 9. The Japanese, on the other hand, give prime Wagyu steaks a grade of A1.


2. Marbling: This pertains to the small white specs you can see on a raw cut of beef. These are tiny deposits of fat that melt during the cooking process and make the steak juicy, tender, and rich.


3. Ageing: Steaks are either wet-aged or dry-aged. The longer the ageing process, the more tender and flavorful the meat will get.



If you are craving for the best steak in Dubai, head to Doors Freestyle Grill. Aside from our world-famous Gold Striploin Steak, we have several other dishes that will satisfy your hankering for a premium cut of beef. Visit our website to book a table now.

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