November 24, 2020

Fresh Fish and Seafood: An Insider Guide


Where can you find the best seafood in the world? Maine, New England, or New Orleans, USA, perhaps. Or maybe Tokyo or Hong Kong? Perhaps, a charming little restaurant on the Mediterranean sea?


There’s an argument now that Dubai is the place for seafood. It has all the right ingredients: right on the water for the freshest catches; stunning waterside eateries; some of the world’s finest chefs, both local and international, and a foodie community driving a desire for Dubai to be the absolute best place to eat for both its citizens and visitors.


Read on to find out what makes Dubai’s culinary scene so special, particularly for seafood.


1. Seafood is the jewel in Dubai’s crown


Long before the skyscrapers emerged from the desert, before millions of people from all over the globe and many thousands of businesses made the city their home, Dubai was just a small fishing village. But while Dubai has changed beyond recognition in almost every other way, the seafood industry has remained at its heart while the city grew around it.


Each day, you will still see fishermen returning to the harbor aboard their dhows, just as they have done for centuries. You can enjoy this picturesque view as you enjoy the fruits of fishermen’s labor from a creekside dining spot. Fishing is in the blood of many of Dubai’s fishing families; that’s knowledge passed from generation to generation.


Today, their catches are not just lovingly served on the family dining table. Now, many of the world’s finest chefs in the best seafood restaurants in Dubai work wonders with these beautiful ingredients. The fine-dining scene serves exquisite local seafood alongside other delicacies, with the finest service in elegant surroundings.


2. A diverse, vibrant restaurant scene


One of the incredibly special things about Dubai is its diversity. People from every corner of the globe live here, with almost every culture represented. As well as the local Arab cultures, we can enjoy the arts, music, and, best of all, the food that these global cultures have brought to Dubai.


And when so many cultures meet in one place, there is always so much vibrancy. Dubai’s food scene is as exciting and as eclectic as all the other major international cities like London and New York, if not more so.


In just one small stretch of Dubai Creek, Al Seef restaurants offer an incredible tapestry of cuisines to celebrate and enjoy: Lebanese, classic American, Italian, and Singaporean are just a few examples. The restaurants here don’t seek to outdo each other, but rather to complement each other. Dubai’s residents and visitors know that they are incredibly lucky to be able to pick any cuisine and eat out any day of the week, whether it’s just a casual bite or a full fine dining experience.


Seafood and fish are an incredibly important part of this tapestry. Chefs take the delicious local catch and put their culture’s unique spin on it. Every culture that has a presence in Dubai has favored ways of preparing fish and seafood. For example, you can readily enjoy delicious Salt-Baked Cod and Lobster Thermidor from France, fish curries from many Southeast Asian cultures, or grilled prawns cooked in zingy South American flavors. There are boundless ways of enjoying seafood in Dubai.


3. Amazing fusion dining


Fusion dining is a style that Dubai does incredibly well. Talented, highly trained chefs from all over the world combine different technical elements from many cuisines to explore brand new ways of working with delicious ingredients. Their exquisite dishes often offer sensational tastes and textures likes of which you may never have experienced before. When served with incredible attention to detail and more than a little culinary theatre, fusion dining is easily the most exciting and inspiring way to dine in Dubai.


Here are some of the finest seafood dishes available in Dubai that will tantalize your taste buds:


➤Honey black cod. The finest fillet of cod, impeccably seasoned and glazed, indulgently served with exquisite honeycomb.


➤Flaming salt-baked fish is a sight to behold. Watch with awe the drama of the flaming salt crust arriving at your table. This crust is performing wonders at keeping in all the exquisite flavors of the sea, keeping the fish incredibly tender, and adding even greater depths of flavor.


➤King crab legs. This magnificent sea creature offers some of the most delicate and delicious taste experiences. The satisfying crack that reveals the tender flesh is one of the most beautiful moments in fine dining.


➤Caviar. These delicious pops of flavor are a fusion favorite. Caviar can be used in so many exciting ways and to complement so many other ingredients.



Dubai really is one of the world’s most exciting venues for seafood lovers.  Book a table at Doors Freestyle Grill and experience a seafood feast like no other.

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