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What it means to work at Doors


Our diversity is our strength

The talented Doors Freestyle Grill is composed of more than 20 different nationalities, which has helped create a positively contagious atmosphere brimming with passion and creativity and steered by an aim to learn, develop and succeed, and is facilitated by instantaneous rewards.

A Momentous Journey

Doors Work Atmosphere


We are a group of foodies and hospitality professionals that came together to become a culinary powerhouse, a united front. A family arduously working towards a common goal. We respect everyone’s individual space and creative innovations.

Our team members have the creative freedom and opportunity to do what they are passionate about, and are constantly motivated and inspired to surpass new obstacles and crush new benchmarks day in, day out. We strive for perfection and pride ourself on our meticulous attention to detail.

Our team has pledged to go above and beyond to innovate and create new methods with an aim to continue being frontrunners in the competitive world of the luxury hospitality industry.

A satisfied smile from any of our guests is our highest and most treasured seal of approval.

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