October 2, 2020

What To Look For In A Fine Dining Steakhouse


What Makes a Fine Dining Steakhouse Great?


Dining out is one of the most appealing activities you can do to unwind from a week’s worth of hard work. Aside from enjoying a great meal, you can also use it as an excellent avenue for romance and quality family time.


However, not all steakhouses or fine dining restaurants are as great as they claim to be. Indeed, there are excellent restaurants out there, but often they are few and far between.


Since you’re the customer, you have the right to enjoy high-quality food and excellent service. To avoid disappointment, look for the best fine dining steakhouse in Dubai based on these seven factors:



1. Great Atmosphere


Good restaurants invest a sizable chunk of their resources in establishing a welcoming atmosphere. You see, a great atmosphere is crucial in determining whether or not a customer will keep coming back.


In a good fine-dining restaurant, you’ll notice that the décor, venue, and even people’s demeanour all exude an elegant vibe. Once you enter such an establishment, you’ll feel that it is no place for loud and rowdy behaviour. There is also a dress code that needs to be followed (notice that no one is wearing T-shirts and ripped jeans or short shorts).


For men, collared shirts are recommended, though some fine dining establishments even require a tie or coat. Ladies are expected to wear skirts, dresses, or any form of decent feminine clothing.


Although not all fine dining restaurants will turn you away when you’re not dressed appropriately, some strictly enforce the dress code to maintain the atmosphere they are aiming for. Once you find a nice restaurant with a strict dress code, be sure to ask ahead of your visit and err on the side of caution by wearing something acceptable.



2. Excellent Location


Aside from the atmosphere, location is also an important factor to consider when choosing a fine dining steakhouse. After all, everything around you while you eat – the sights, sounds, and scents – can affect your dining experience.


For instance, Doors Freestyle Grill is carefully curated around comfort, luxury, and hospitality. With our picturesque waterfront location complete with a classy ambiance, you will get a chance to step into a delightful culinary paradise. This is a place where the food and atmosphere combined make for a truly memorable experience.



3. Specialized Menu


An excellent fine dining steakhouse menu would have a specific number of steak offerings and side dishes. It’s a bit unusual for a steakhouse or fine dining restaurant to offer so many options, as specialization requires focus. This is also why some popular steakhouses (and restaurants) only feature a few select menu items they specialize in.


Of course, there are restaurants like Doors Freestyle Grill that offer world-class fusion cuisine that includes not only steaks but also other types of interesting, unique and tasty food choices. With each dish made carefully by the expert hands of our pro chefs, you can be sure that everything on our menu is carefully crafted for your optimum indulgence — including steaks.



4. High-Quality Food


Of course, limiting what is offered on the menu to ensure that specialization in preparation of dishes is not the only food-related factor you must consider. The quality of ingredients also matters.


In a steakhouse, the first and foremost ingredient you should be looking at is beef. After all, if you don’t get top-notch meat, why bother eating at a steakhouse if you won’t be able to enjoy high-quality cuts?


Seek establishments that only offer prime beef cuts. Great steakhouses dry-age their meat in-house and offer the most flavorful and tender cuts. Some world-renowned steaks you should try are Wagyu and Black Angus.



5. Cleanliness


Fine dining or not, restaurants should observe high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in their premises. A clean space is very important in encouraging guests to sit and look forward to a great meal. That said, you must choose an establishment that upholds health, sanitation and hygiene standards stringently in all areas of the restaurant including the dining area, kitchen, restrooms, and staff rooms.



6. Knowledgeable Wait Staff


Aside from good food, clean premises, and a wonderful location and atmosphere, you also must look for a fine dining steakhouse with knowledgeable staff.


Excellent establishments make sure that their waitstaff knows their products inside-out. This is often ensured by having staff sample restaurant offerings so they have firsthand knowledge of what to recommend to guests who cannot make up their minds.


That said, it is very unusual to find waiters and other dining staff with little knowledge about the menu items offered at the steakhouse where they work. From the different cuts of beef to the perfect drink and side dish combos, they should be able to offer you recommendations that won’t disappoint.



7. Flawless Service


Service matters. Great, fine dining steakhouses not only provide good food but wonderful experiences, as well. This can be achieved with flawless service.


Look for a place where servers are attentive but not bothersome, and enthusiastic but never over the top. You should never feel rushed to finish a meal, and plates should be delivered to all members of your party at the same time.


In short, the service you get from a fine dining establishment should always complement your entire experience.



Enjoy Fine Steaks and Fusion Dishes


Truly outstanding fine dining steakhouses are hard to find, but when you find one, you will surely be motivated to come back for more. 


Doors Freestyle Grill in Dubai offers a pleasantly unique experience to every diner. We take pride in being the very definition of a great fine dining steakhouse.


The best part is, we also deliver fine food directly to your home


Reach out to us to find out more.

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