February 13, 2020



Whether you’re a seasoned carnivore searching for the best steakhouse in Dubai or you occasionally like to indulge in great tasting meat, you’ll love Doors Freestyle Grill! Chef Kemal Ceylan is the mastermind and culinary expert when it comes to sourcing our delicious meat and seafood. In fact, all the ingredients used to create the most outstanding dishes.


Top Quality Steakhouse Dining


One only has to check our social media channels. In particular, images shared by our guests on Instagram and other channels to share their visit to Doors! In fact, if you also take time to check our reviews you’ll notice the number of guests who state they’ve enjoyed dining at the best steakhouse in Dubai. They’ll happily share how they’ve indulged in the finest meat they’ve ever tasted in their life!



Doors Steakhouse Standards


When we created Doors Freestyle Grill we didn’t plan on taking any chances when it comes to the quality of our meat. We spent time and effort searching across the globe for the most responsible farming methods and suppliers. We make sure we are serving the finest quality steak and seafood to our discerning guests. Our fusion cuisine is nothing short of show-stopping. Doors dishes are created using traditional methods by passionate, experienced chefs. Look into our open kitchen and observe tender, full flavour meat and seafood anyone could wish for being prepared on our state of the art grills. That’s why our guests comfortably endorse Doors as the best steakhouse in Dubai! Trust us when we say that your taste buds will thank you later!



Pomegranate Salad


Whoever said salads are boring? Ruby red fresh pomegranates are sprinkled like jewels atop a medley of crunchy lettuce, mixed with an assortment of four cheeses, sunshine yellow sweet corn and embellished with a swirl of natural golden honey. This salad is refreshingly tempting and loaded with natural antioxidants. It’s appealing on your plate and tastes absolutely delicious!


Beef Sushi


For those who prefer their sushi a little meatier, this is the dish to try. Thinly sliced beef filled with crispy potato chips, creamy avocado and fresh crunchy cucumber drenched in a unique fusion of soya and traditional Turkish Tulum cheese sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and pistachios. This slow-cooked smoked beef tenderloin sushi roll is a delectable juxtaposition of flavours and textures that leaves little to be desired. We think this is pure culinary art but we’ll let you be the judge!


Beef Butter fall Steak


Welcome to our captivating culinary theatre! This dish will entice every single one of your five senses. We dare you to disagree! This is a Door’s signature dishes and a reason why we are recognised as the best steakhouse in Dubai! Thanks to the sourcing of the products, the tenderisation, the preparation and final outstanding, entertaining, table-side presentation, our beef butter fall steak is quite extraordinary. This is a dish that even the most established steakhouses find a challenge to beat and frankly, blows away our guests as they take their first bite. Our piping hot speciality herb-infused butter flavoured with a zesty orange juice is generously poured over the bone marrow, which seeps into the steak and results in creating an unmatched aromatic rich flavour. The enchanting aroma and melt in your mouth texture of the steak glazed with the richness of butter have made this more than just a delicious dish. This is a show-stopping culinary spectacle. Delicious beyond words! Don’t miss out on this dish!


23 Karat Gold Fish


We are more than just a steakhouse. Behold the Queen of the Sea, our 23 Karat Gold Fish. Freshly caught sea bass is marinated and then slow-cooked in Chef Kemal’s special savoury orange-infused sauce for 30 minutes. The succulent white flesh of the fish is then wrapped in a glimmering blanket of 23 Karat Gold to further enhance its flavour and aroma. A dish fit for royalty. Magnificent and simple, perfect for seafood lovers!

Eden Garden


Get ready to embark on a multi-sensory dining journey! A heavenly dessert extravaganza of no less than 10 varieties. Eden Garden offers a classic creamy vanilla-rich ‘Crème Brulee’, special celebratory Trileche and a honey-sweetened traditional Balkan cake made with three types of milk.

This is not all…

Our signature chocolate truffle coated in pistachios, walnuts and fresh coconut shavings is bound to be a treat for all the chocoholics. The grand finale of this culinary act is our surprise orb-shaped chocolate sphere with hidden jewels that will captivate your heart, mind and stomach. A delectable fusion dessert that will keep you coming for more. Even the most reluctant lovers of desserts to round up their meal won’t be able to deny themselves the magic of these stunning indulgent delicacies! To make your reservation at Doors Freestyle Grill simply visit our book a table page, call or send us a Whatsapp message +97150 70 00375. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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