March 29, 2022

Ramadan Prayer Times for Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We at Doors wish you all a blessed and holy period of fasting and prayers in the upcoming days of Ramadan. 

Come mark your calendars for prayer timings on this year’s special and auspicious Ramadan. 

Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar that marks itself as the holy month where Muslims all around the world focus on religious devotion, fasting and giving to charity. It is during this time Muslims pray 7 times a day and fast from dawn to dust for approximately a month with the intention of cleansing themselves.


When Does Ramadan Start in 2022?

Following the lunar calendar, Ramadan is expected to start on Saturday, 2nd April, 2022. The exact timing will be determined based on the sighting of the moon.  


When Does Ramadan End?

May 1st is marked as the final day for prayer and fasting for Ramadan 2022. Muslims all around the world can now get back to their normal lives without needing to follow the fasting and praying time table made for Ramadan..


We have prepared the Ramadan 2022 UAE calendar for the residents of Dubai in which you can easily track the days and timing of prayer. 

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