February 8, 2022

Open Your Doors To Love


This Valentine’s day, open your doors to love with a once-in-a-year romantic evening hosted by the Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai. 


Enjoy your day with your loved one by making your way to the best fine dining luxury experience through the Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai. We offer a night to remember with its delicately prepared course for lovers to enjoy on the romantic Valentine’s Day.


Located at the beautiful Dubai Creek, the sunsets and fireworks are a feast for the eyes. But that’s not all that’s visually appetizing. Behold the beauty that surrounds the walls of the luxurious fine dining restaurant, and not to forget, the masterfully crafted dishes prepared by our master chefs in the kitchen.


Our Special Doors Valentine’s Day Menu


We at Doors have been looking forward to pampering you as we do every year with a well thought of course to fulfill yours and your loved one’s every gastronomical desire.


For Starters

Red Gem

We have our special Valentine’s day Red Gem to start you and your loved one off on a flavourful adventure. We all serve our recommended special Apple Salad & Beef Sushi for a lovely start.


Red Gem– A zesty and crunchy amalgamation of pomegranate jewels, mix lettuce, sweetcorn, raisins, baby peppers with mixed cream cheese to sweeten the mood. 


Apple Salad– Bite into juicy and flavoursome apple slices with fresh from the garden vegetables.


Beef Sushi– For sushi lovers everywhere, our special beef sushi will light up the fireworks in your mouth.


Our Sides


At Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai, our sides will make you and your loved one feel like we’re always by your side. With freshly baked bread that goes well with our mains as well as our bread dumplings and star dumplings, we have all the sides you need.


Baked Bread– Bake your hearts with extra love with these freshly baked bread thats sent straight from the oven.


Bread Dumplings– Freshly baked mini breads and stuffed with love and other ingredients for you and your loved one.


Star Dumplings– Be the star of the evening by treating your loved one with a special star dumpling.


Main Dishes Of The Evening


Lo and behold the main dishes of the evening. Find your loved one and yourself on a journey to gastronomical pleasures with the few of the best dishes our master chefs in the kitchen have crafter for you. From our special Lamb Chops and Lamb Asado to our Beef Kaymak, Ribeye Yaprak, and our seafood special King Prawns, we make sure it’ll be a night to remember.


Lamb Chops– A sensational temptation that you can’t resist! It’s a heavenly moment of pure enjoyment when you experience the melt in your mouth cuts of lamb.


Lamb Asado– Succulent and tender lamb short ribs will not just melt in your mouth but melt it’s way into your heart.


Beef Kaymak- If there’s a meaty delight that’ll make a special place in your heart, then it’s the ultra tender cut of smoked Beef Tenderloin.


Ribeye Yaprak– This is what delightful meaty dreams are made of. Impeccably presented slow cooked Rib Eye that will titillate your taste buds.


King Prawns– A plate of delicious king prawns grilled to perfection, fit for the King & Queen in you and your loved one.


Special Dessert


And last but not the least, end the beautiful night with a little special surprise from us- a dessert which will fulfill as the topping to a night your loved one and yourself will cherish.


Make Every Bite Memorable






Book your table with us today and make Valentine’s Day 2022 a night to remember with us at Doors Freestyle Grill, Dubai.

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