October 2, 2020

How To Enjoy Luxury Dining In Dubai At Home


7 Ways to Recreate Restaurant Fine Dining Experiences at Home


The current health scare has prompted hundreds of people who love dining in restaurants to rethink this habit and eat more at home. Homeowners, therefore, have started to use their kitchens more to prepare and cook meals that can rival the dishes served by their favourite establishments.


Creating mouthwatering dishes, however, is only the beginning if you wish to enjoy fine dining in the comforts of your home. If you want to indulge in a genuine restaurant dining experience, you need to make some changes in the kitchen or dining area, too.


Below are seven tips to follow if you want to experience luxury dining in Dubai in the comfort and safety of your home:


1. Tweak your lighting


Lighting is often the main factor that sets the ambience in fine dining establishments. As such, you will do well to work on this feature first if you want to recreate restaurant-like experiences at home.


Turn on the lights in the kitchen or dining area at night and check if they are too bright. If they are, replace them with softer or dimmer light bulbs.


Keep in mind that fine dining restaurants are not brightly lit. They rely on dim lights and even candles on tables to provide lighting for diners. Take a page out of their books and replace light bulbs that are too bright with dimmer ones.


You can also light candles at the dining table come dinnertime. Another option would be to cover lamps with a cloth so that they give off a softer glow if you don’t want to replace their bulbs.



2. Dress up the dining area


High-end restaurants are known for their collections of artworks hanging from their walls.


Enhance the look and ambience of your dining area by displaying paintings and framed pictures on your walls, too. Additionally, consider changing the curtains to make the room more appealing. Choose ones with a more elegant design.


If you have a fancy chandelier or other lighting fixture, replace the current one in your dining area to enhance the mood here as well.



3. Elevate the dining table


Your dining table is another crucial element that can elevate your experience at home.


Start by laying out a clean, crisp tablecloth (the fanciest one you have). Next, place a centrepiece in the middle of the table. An eye-catching vase with fresh flowers can instantly give out the ambience that you and your fellow diners are in for a treat.


If you want to light candles at dinner, choose an ornate candle holder that can add beauty to the dining area.



4. Bring out your finest dinnerware


Fine dining restaurants are known for their exquisite porcelain plates and bowls, delicate drinking and wine glasses, and superb silverware. Bring out your best tableware if you want to elevate dinners at home, too.


Take out your collection of bone china or porcelain sets from your cupboards. At the very least, bring out the dinner, salad, and bread plates, soup bowls, teacups, and saucers. Wash and prepare your best flatware or silverware as well.


Don’t forget the water or wine glasses. Even if you are only serving water, wine glasses can effortlessly round out the luxury dining experience you will have at home.



5. Set the table properly


To create a fine dining experience, make sure you follow the correct table setting guidelines.


First, put the fork on the left side of the plate and the knife and spoon on the right side. The water or wine glass should be placed above the knife.


If you are serving soup, set the bowl on the plate. Put a soup spoon beside the tablespoon.


If salad or bread or both are on the menu, place their respective plates to the left side of the forks.


Lastly, place a folded napkin on the left of the forks or at the center of the dinner plate.



6. Indulge in a fancy three-course meal


Your fine dining experience at home won’t be complete without delectable food to enjoy during dinner. To get the full deal, consider having your five-star dishes delivered by your favourite restaurant.


Check if your favourite fine dining restaurant offers delivery services. Another option would be to look for fine foods online and find out if they can be delivered to your home.


Since you are looking for a luxury dining experience, order at least three dishes to make up a three-course meal. This means ordering an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. If the restaurant also delivers beverages, consider ordering a mocktail to cap your meal.



7. Dress up for dinner


Lastly, if you really want to enjoy fine dining in your home, don’t sit at the table wearing shorts or your pajamas. Complete the whole experience by wearing something nice for dinner.


Put on your favourite smart, business, or dressy casual outfit. Also, wear comfy shoes that go with your attire.


Aside from completing the whole experience, you will look great in the photos you will share on social media to show off your amazing dinner.


By having a complete meal delivered to your home and enjoying it in your redesigned dining area, you won’t have to pine for your favourite restaurant and the experience of eating there. 


And what’s one of the best parts about it? Having your favourite food delivered helps you avoid dealing with the cleanup that comes after cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Doors Freestyle Grill currently offers a delivery service. Check out our menu and order online now to indulge in your favourite five-star dishes tonight.

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