At Doors Freestyle Grill, we offer impeccable hospitality and invite our guests to the center of the action, a beautifully designed, elegant and royal-like ambience that leaves nothing to your imagination. In addition to providing savory dishes, we also serve up an array of desserts that are uniquely Turkish and others that are more classic Western options. Here are five desserts in Dubai you should try in our restaurant to indulge your senses:


This is a classic Turkish dessert made from semolina flour, which comes with durum wheat, so used in pasta and couscous. Traditionally made in Turkish homes, we’ve been using our own version with a hint of cinnamon, pistachio, and orange zest at Doors for customers to enjoy, especially foreigners who want to get to know this Turkish dessert. It also equals a Turkish coffee at the end of your meal.


This is a Turkish take on the Mexican ‘tres leches’ cake. Soaked in three types of milk: whole milk, heavy cream, and milk powder. The cake is very light, yet decadently rich at the same time. The classic recipe contains caramel on top, however, our version is sweetened with honey for an added flavor note.


This dessert is a lighter version of Turkish Delight. It’s mainly eaten during Ramadan and is made from a special pastry of paper-thin cornstarch leaves that are soaked in sweetened rose water. Some even consider Baklava; both are layered with nuts and soft, chewy dough. So we have our extra sweet dose of pomegranate.

We hope this selection of desserts has your sweet tooth for dessert in Dubai. Dubai, which is a high-end dining destination, is located in Dubai’s Dubai suburbs. Doors blends urban sensuality with traditional classics to bring an exceptional dining experience to Dubai. Inspired by the world’s best gastronomy, the restaurant is a subtle twist to a modern-day freestyle grill and steakhouse, set in a stylish and sophisticated ambience. We hope to see you soon.