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A Momentous Journey

Our Story

Following its soaring success in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China, Doors Freestyle Grill is proud to bring it's world-class fusion cuisine to the beautiful city of Dubai for a truly luxurious, waterfront dining experience.

Set at the heart of the spellbinding Al Seef by the Dubai Creek, our 12,000 sq.ft. waterfront destination is a lifestyle dining freestyle grill concept that will awaken the inner chef in every guest. A fine dining experience like no other, let your imagination run wile with the wonderful aromas, tastes, and flavors.

Orchestrated by internationally acclaimed Chef, Kemal Çeylan, our unique menu features an enticing array of traditional dishes with a modern twist, including premium-cut meats, succulent seafood, fresh salads, and tantalizing desserts.

Our whimsical mocktail menu has been carefully conceptualized to intrigue and delight, completing an awe-inspiring culinary show that uses only the very best ingredients that we can source - virtually locking in the rich flavors of natural ingredients.

At Doors Freestyle Grill, your experience is centerared around luxury, c omfort, and hospitality, and we always invite our guests to be at the center of the action, amidst a beautifully designed, elegant, and royal-like ambience that turns your wildest dreams into reality.

Our concept encompasses a VVIP Private Majlis, a Mixology Lab, a Sheesha Lounge, and an Outdoor Terrace seating area specifically designed to bring your fine dining experience to the next level. Together, let's celebrate friendship, love, food, and creativity.

Welcome to the finest steakhouse in Dubai, where fine dining offers you a steak and seafood experience like you've never even imagined.

Welcome to Dubai’s finest culinary theater!

What we do

At Doors Freestyle Grill, we’re focused on one thing – transforming your dining experience by immersing you in a freestyle grill environment that no steakhouse in Dubai can offer. With everything from steak, seafood, grill fare, and specialty dishes prepared by world renowned chefs, this is just the beginning. 

Nothing is more important to us than bringing a new type of luxury dining experience to the table for those who are seeking something new. Our magical location provides the perfect, picturesque waterfront dining setting, where our guests are invited to step into the doorway of a culinary paradise, where nothing but food, love, passion, and creativity matter. 

It’s About Offering More Than A Simple Restaurant Experience

In today’s world, restaurants can be found in any corner of any city, but how many of them truly offer something different? At Doors Freestyle Grill, innovation, creativity, and flexibility are what guide us each and every day. Our chef’s strive to create exciting new dishes with some of the freshest ingredients that we can possibly find from sources all over the world, our managers strive to offer more immersive dining experiences for our guests, and our entire team is always willing to change something based on the preferences of our customers.
You see, for us, we’re more than just a stagnant restaurant – Doors Freestyle Grill is a living, breathing environment. Come and walk through our doors to see for yourself just how dynamic a restaurant can be.

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Our Locations

Doors Freestyle Grill isn’t only a restaurant in Dubai! We also serve the cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Take a look down below to view us on a map, so that you don’t get lost when you’re ready to pay us a visit.