A Momentous Journey

Fusion Fine Dining in Dubai Amidst a Spellbinding Setting

Wonderfully orchestrated world-class steakhouse fare, whimsical mocktails and ultra-deluxe service for a lifestyle dining experience like no other. Enter the theatre of gastronomic delights only at Doors Freestyle Grill.

Who We Are

Doors Freestyle Grill is a renowned steak and seafood restaurant located in the beautiful city of Dubai, UAE. We’re focused on one thing – transforming your dining experience by immersing you in a freestyle grill environment that no steakhouse in Dubai can offer.

With everything from steak, seafood, grill fare, and specialty dishes prepared by world renowned chefs, this is just the beginning. Our magical location provides the perfect, picturesque waterfront dining setting, where our guests are invited to step into the doorway of a culinary paradise, where nothing but food, love, passion, and creativity matter. With the ability to serve small parties to large corporate events in our beautiful private spaces, Doors Freestyle Grill is your prime dining, entertainment, and ambiance destination.

Our Locations

Doors Freestyle Grill has locations in the cities of Dubai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

Something For Everyone

Our Menu

Before you pay us a visit, we encourage you to take a look at our menu. Each and every day, we strive to bring new dishes to the table for our customers, with exciting flavors and aromas that are inspired from the cuisines native to our sources.

Dishes That Keep On Giving!

Our Best Sellers!

Here at Doors Freestyle Grill, we’re known for our specialty dishes – and often, these contemporary specialty dishes become some of our best sellers! Take a look down below to see all of our current best sellers for the month. As voted on by our customers, we’re proud to show you just a glimpse of who we are, what we do, and the foods that our customers love down below.


Avocado Salad




Beef sushi


Beef Butterfall Steak


Lobster - Freestyle


Lamb Neck


Beef Asado


Beef Steak Burger

Host Your Next Event At Doors Freestyle Grill

Private Events at Doors

Corporate Events

With a true luxury dining experience, you can wow your employess, your partners and your clients in our massice 12,000 square foot steakhouse with a waterfront view.

Private Rooms

We invite you into our space to help you plan out your event. Let our team handle everything from tables, to menus and from there, you can take time to enjoy your event, instead of being forced to run it.


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