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New Year’s Eve At DOORS Dubai Mall

Celebrate New Year’s Eve at DOORS Dubai Mall with Wagyu meat, shisha, live cooking, and music. Choose from our enchanting fountain terrace or the luxurious Charmdine Indoor lounge, illuminated by 150, 000 glass chandeliers.

Outdoor Seating

Discover a breath of fresh air with our exclusive outdoor seating at Doors Dubai Mall. Choose from two uniquely designed terraces to suit your mood and company: our smoke-free terrace for a clean, fresh atmosphere or our vibrant hookah terrace. Each offers a panoramic view of the Dubai Fountain from the highest floor, ensuring a spectacular backdrop for your dining experience. Whether you’re looking for tranquility or a lively gathering under the stars, our terraces promise an unforgettable escape in the heart of Dubai.

Terrace Seating

non smoking terrace

First Line To The Fountain Terrace

AED 2,500 per person (Set-menu)

Second Line To The Fountain Terrace

AED 2,000 per person (Set-menu)

best fountain view restaurant in dubai mall

Third Line To The Fountain Terrace

AED 1,500 per person (Set-menu)

Indoor Seating

Step inside to a sanctuary of style and comfort at Doors Dubai Mall’s smoke-free indoor seating area. Our elegantly appointed space, highlighted by stunning chandeliers and a harmonious color palette, offers a serene dining experience. Each table is meticulously set to provide an intimate yet spacious setting, perfect for enjoying our fine dining offerings without the distraction of smoke. With a focus on sophisticated ambiance and customer comfort, this area ensures every meal is a delightful escape within the bustling mall.

Indoor Dining

best indoor dining in Dubai mall

Indoor Smoke-Free Seating

Ala carte Menu (No minimum spend)
Live cooking stations
Live music entertainment
Table with festive setup
Complimentary photograph session
Exclusive 360-degree video experience
Red carpet walk video experience

shisha in dubai mall

Indoor Shisha Seating

Ala carte Menu (Order 1 Shisha per table or AED 350 minimum spend per person)
Live cooking stations
Table with festive setup
Complimentary photograph session
Exclusive 360-degree video experience
Red carpet walk video experience

Additional Notes:

  1. Indoor reservations require a non-refundable down payment of AED 500 per table, adjustable with the final bill.
  2. Terrace reservations require full non-refundable payment.
  3. Enjoy 15% off on Terrace Early Bird bookings until December 25th.
  4. Pre-paid reservations receive a complimentary wristband for mall access (Free delivery for Dubai residents).
  5. Set-menu items cannot be substituted.
  6. Indoor guests are welcome to capture terrace moments with our complimentary photographer.
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