February 7, 2023

Brunch Experience: Fine Dining with Plates for every Palate!


Good food and good company are the perfect anecdotes to counter a hectic week. And what best way than to plan a relaxed brunch with your loved one to start your weekend indulgence and distressing process? Doors Freestyle Grill presents an ultimate comfort and leisure meal of the week in a pleasant and luxurious setting to help you spend a comfortable outing with your friend or loved one to unwind and discuss how your week was.

Doors Freestyle Grill Brunch menu is a selection of delectable comfort and finger foods that are ideal for a cozy meal choice, best enjoyed while chilling with friends. Our brunch experience offers a fine dining feel with diverse dishes to suit every palate. Let’s take you through our Brunch menu, available only over weekends, which has some amazing dishes that we are sure will delight folks from every genre.

Brunch Menu, Available 11 am -3 pm Every Weekend: AED 150 Per Person:

Good food is the finest form of self-love and pampering! Start your day with a selection of the finest culinary dishes crafted by expert chefs at Doors Freestyle Grill that will make your morning truly amazing and set the right mood for the weekend.

Cheese Platter: To liven up your brunch, we have our gourmet cheese platter which has a delectable collation of various delish kinds of cheese that are bound to entice your taste buds and make snacking between dishes enjoyable and fun.

Selection of Breads: Our fresh assortment of oven-baked bread is a wonderful and fulfilling accompaniment for your meals and main dishes.

Egg Menemen: Our savory egg menemen, prepared in authentic Turkish style is a treat for egg lovers and a delightful variation from regular omelet or scrambled egg breakfast arrangements. It is fulfilling, yummy, high in protein, and thus a wholesome choice for your first meal of the day.

Selection of Fruits & Vegetables: It is always healthy to supplement your meal with a nice serving of garden-fresh veggies and our chef’s selection ensures that you don’t miss out on this. Our brunch meal comes with a fine spread of freshly sourced olives, cucumbers, and tomatoes to give your food a healthy boost of veggies.

Chicken Kofta: Our Chicken kofta (minced chicken balls) is a luscious preparation made with a well-seasoned mixture of ground chicken and flavorsome spices and herbs; simmered in buttery tomato gravy. They go best with the bread platter and are a gratifying breakfast option for people who prefer having a heavy breakfast.

Borek: Don’t miss out on these lovely delights! Our delicious Turkish flaky pastry filled with cheese and meat can be enjoyed both as a meal or as a side snack with your main dish.

Kaymak and Honey: All’s well that ends well! Our specially prepared thickened cream dessert Kaymak, smothered with organic honey will make sure your lavish brunch experience ends on a wonderful, sweet note with a lingering taste.

Selection of Tea or Coffee: A fine drink paired with delicious food is indispensable for an amazing dining experience. We have freshly brewed coffee and a range of herbal teas as perfect meal companions to suit your taste and preferences.

And what completes this gratifying brunch experience is our picturesque luxury seating which is a visual treat to soothe your exhausted nerves, relax your body and uplift your spirits. Situated in the heart of Al-Seef, facing Dubai Creek, our 12000 sq. ft. destination presents an elegant and quaint setting centered around luxury, comfort, and hospitality.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your table now to experience a tempting gastronomic start to your weekend and do share your stories and feedback!

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