March 27, 2023

Break your fast with a balanced feast!


Visit Doors Freestyle Grill for a healthy bout of nutritious food and drinks for Iftar, with the right portion sizes and wholesome platters to suit your health goals and satiate your palette.

As the holy month begins, eating right and staying hydrated is the key towards setting a healthy goal for the month. While we change our eating and sleeping patterns, our body’s biological clock also undergoes a series of changes both physically and mentally. It is time for inner contemplation as well as reflecting upon our food choices, especially for Iftar.

While we fast all day, it is easy to get carried away and suddenly eat a lot for Iftar. This can lead to indigestion and other health issues. Being cognizant of our body’s nutritional needs and eating accordingly is a good place to begin. We need a lot of energy and nutrients during the day; thus, one should eat foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to prepare our body well for the fasting. This does not mean that we should eat everything at once during Suhoor. If we do that, our body cannot utilize the energy intake all at once and it strongly impacts our metabolism. At the same time, it is important to not skip Suhoor. The envisage is to start our day in a healthy way as well as to be in the right mindset.

For Suhoor or Sehri, consume a well-balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean protein, whole grain breads, low sugar cereals, milk and juices. Dried fruits like dates, walnuts and almonds are a great alternative as they make us feel full for long hours. Also, it is better to limit our spice, sugar, and salt intake during Sehri. Consuming salty food can trigger thirst later as the water from the cells gets withdrawn. Also, a spoonful of yogurt/probiotics after the meal can work wonders. It soothes the stomach, prevents acidity, and will keep us safe from getting dehydrated throughout the day. For Iftar, hydrate your body first and then eat the main course 10 or 15 minutes later.

While you observe a day of abstinence, let Doors Freestyle Grill take care of the evenings. Open your fast with sugar free hydrating drinks or soup and then move on to eating in moderation. From fresh juices to healthy smoothies, calming teas to rejuvenating fruit infusions, choose from a wide range of delicious beverages such as Forbidden Ruby, Elixir, Blurred Habitea, Ginger Galaxy etc.

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For the main course, go for a delicious salad such as the ‘sphere of wellness’, ‘red gem’ or ‘snowfall salad’ to begin your meal on a wholesome note with assortment of garden-fresh vegetables, avocados, and healthy greens etc to pique your appetite for a scrumptious meal that follows. Moving on, you can choose from an array of starters such as Caviar Bread Dumpling, Doors pasta, Beef Wagyu Sushi and more to satiate your hunger pangs. Next, pick a protein rich whole meat dish such as lamb chops, lamb asado, Beef Butterfall Steak to keep you energetic and fulfilled during your fasting hours. And finally End on a sweet note with a nice dessert of your choice.


Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection and devotion. However, the month-long time for “taqwa” doesn’t have to be arduous when it comes to making healthy and wholesome food choices. It is time to plan Iftar meals with family and loved ones in a beautiful luxurious setting and join together to celebrate the essence of love, devotion, and togetherness in this holy month. Come and relish a hearty meal with people whom you cherish the most and experience immense joy of sharing a delightful meal at Doors Freestyle Grill. Enjoy delectable delights and stay healthy throughout the month.

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