December 14, 2020

Fine Dining At The Best Steakhouse In Al Seef


Steakhouse Etiquette: Your Guide to Having a Fine Time


Have you just been invited to your annual corporate gala at a fine dining restaurant? Are you gearing up to impress your sweetheart’s parents at the best steakhouse in Al Seef, by the Dubai Creek? Are you familiar with the proper way to enjoy a thick, juicy slab of steak?


If you’re mad about meat but still quite unsure about how to eat steak at a fine dining restaurant, then this guide is for you. Read on to discover how to best enjoy the most succulent steaks on this side of the world.


Be Steak-Savvy


We at Doors Freestyle Grill understand how important it is to experience a meal that is centered around your comfort, pleasure, and utmost delight. Dining out should be a pleasurable experience where the ambiance, the service, and most importantly, the food brings out only the most blissful emotions.


However, there are still those who find it quite overwhelming to be sitting in a fine dining restaurant. Perhaps it could be the company, the occasion, or the thought of being in such distinguished quarters that can intimidate some. This shouldn’t be the case, though, as we would like every diner who steps into our premises to be thoroughly satisfied with the overall Doors Freestyle Grill experience.


If you count yourself to be one of those who sweat at the idea of eating at a fine steak restaurant such as ours, then be at ease. We are here to help you out by giving some simple pointers on the established steakhouse etiquette so you can have a wonderful time during your meal.



Dig in and digest this guide to enjoying steak:



1. Be Prompt and Properly Dressed


As in any gathering or meeting, it is always ideal to be prompt. When the invitation says that you should be there by 7 o’clock, then you should be at the venue on the dot or at least within 10 minutes of the agreed-upon time. You have to note though, that arriving way too early may also make it awkward for your host. It could also intrude on the restaurant’s preparations.


Make sure that you are also properly dressed. Refer to the attire stated in the invitation. If it’s not stated, it is better to err on the side of caution and come in smart casual, cocktail, or formal attire. Better yet, politely ask your host if there is a dress code.



2. Order in the Steakhouse


When everyone is ready to order, catch the attention of the waiter by making eye contact. Refrain from frantically waving your hands, yelling, or whistling just to get their attention.


Some diners panic when they are asked what cut they want or how they want their steak done. If this is something you dread, it is recommended that you do your research ahead of time and familiarize yourself with the different steak cuts and doneness. You can also ask the maître d’ for their suggestions.


While most chefs would recommend eating steak that is cooked medium-rare, the decision is entirely yours to make. Whether you want our Gold Striploin Steak cooked rare, medium, or well done, the important thing is that you are fully satisfied with your choice.


3. Make the Right Cut


There are two common styles when it comes to cutting steak.


One is the American or zigzag style. With the fork on your left hand and your knife on your right, use your fork to pin down the steak, then slice it into a bite-sized piece.


Utensils should also not be clenched or held like pencils. After cutting your meat, return the knife to the plate. Transfer your fork from the left hand to the right. Spear the piece of meat that you just cut, put it in your mouth, and chew quietly.


The Continental style is more comfortable for most. Start by cutting off the meat just like in the American style. This time, however, you do not have to transfer the fork to your right hand.


Make sure to cut the steak one bite at a time and not all at once.



4. Savoring Steak


How you eat your steak at a fine dining restaurant also varies. Sticklers for etiquette would frown at some of the ways people eat steak, such as gnawing on a T-bone steak or slathering sauce all over the meat. The rule of thumb when it comes to the sauce is that when the chef intended the meal to be enjoyed with sauce, then it would come to the table with it.


Other no-nos include cutting the entire steak all at once, spitting tough or chewy pieces out into a napkin, or talking while chewing.



5. Capping Off the Meal


Once your meal is over, make sure to thank the host who invited you. You don’t have to foot the bill, or worse, grab the check as this might embarrass your host. What would be appreciated is if you can send a handwritten thank-you note the day after.


If you were the one who invited guests, then you are expected to pay for the meal. Discreetly pay for the meal either by making arrangements with the restaurant when you arrive or by excusing yourself from the table and settling the bill out of your guests’ sight.




Open Doors to Delight


We hope that the above-mentioned tips can already go a long way in helping you have a delightful steakhouse experience. While there are social niceties that are expected of you especially when you are with others, you can be assured that we at Doors Freestyle Grill will ensure that you feel comfortable within our walls.


Feel free to practice your steakhouse dining etiquette at our place and we will ensure that you will go home completely satisfied and confident with your steakhouse skills. Call us for a reservation today.

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