May 10, 2021

5 Uber Cool Summer Attractions in Dubai


The summer is coming and everyone in Dubai is getting ready for it. Explore the white sands, the clear blue oceans, the amazing food festivals, and of course the beauty that surrounds Dubai- all this and more makes Dubai one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world during the summer holidays. Though the temperatures might go off the roof during the sunny season and all you can think of is to stay below the roof, there are quite a number of places to visit for an uber-cool exciting summer experience in Dubai.


1.  Experience Winter Wonderland In Summer In Ski Dubai

Skiing in Ski Dubai

One way to beat the heat and have tremendous fun doing it would be to get a ticket to the winter wonderland inside Ski Dubai. This artificial snow kingdom built inside the mall of emirates is an epic fantasy park where you can enjoy and play with snow even during the summers. Tourists and locals love sharing their amazing skiing experience and other fun snow-filled activities inside the snow park in Dubai.


2.  Enjoy A Luxurious Dessert Date Inside Doors Dubai


What better way to enjoy summer other than with the super sweet and delicious dessert date inside the luxurious Doors Freestyle Grill. Experience the better world of Dubai with every bite into the rich and creamy desserts presented by the master chefs inside the Doors Dubai Kitchen. And if that’s not all, you’re also treated to one of the best fine dining experiences that Dubai has to offer- with luxurious indoor decorations and a magnificent royal view of the Creek Dubai on the outside. Make your summer in Dubai more memorable with Doors Dubai. Book a table now


3.  Dive Into Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo

Scuba Diving In Dubai Aquarium


You don’t have to dive into any ocean to experience the life of the underwater kingdom. You can find it all in the Dubai Aquarium And Under Water Zoo. A mesmerising sight for tourists all over the world to understand and enjoy the depths of the sea, displaying fascinating and dangerous underwater creatures for all to see. For those who want to dive deeper, the aquarium offers a unique and exciting adventure experience in the form of snorkelling.


4.  Get Sun Kissed At Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah beach


It’s time to enjoy the white sands and the clear blue waters of one of the most famous beaches around the world- The Infamous Jumeirah beach. The widely known beach offers a list of exciting fun and adventurous water sport activities one can do during the summer season. The beach is also popular for its “Food, Glorious Food” festival which invites visitors all over the world for an amazing food festival experience.


5.  Rejoice At The Miracle Garden In Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden

Have you ever wanted to live in one of those flowery kingdoms inside the Disney films? Well, this is your chance to do just that! Step into a flowery kingdom inside the Miracle Garden where everything around you is colourful and fragrant. The artificial botanical garden built in Dubai is one of the largest botanical gardens and surely the most beautiful with some of the prettiest flowery architecture that simply makes you feel like you’ve entered a Disney dream. 







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