July 23, 2021

Discover What’s Behind The Doors Experience


Behind the scenes at the best fine dining experience in Dubai?


In one of the most luxurious waterfront tourist destinations in Dubai lies a restaurant grand not only in size but in its life as well. When dusk is set to arrive, just before the sun starts to set, the music, the fire, the life in the restaurant starts to wake, becoming alive, feasting on the celebrations it opens to every day. 


This is what many feel when entering Doors. But little does one know about what goes on behind the scenes at Doors Dubai. We are here to find out why Doors Freestyle Grill, the renowned steak and seafood restaurant, makes one of the best experiences for the eyes and tongues of our customers. Let’s find out what makes Doors Dubai truly Doors Dubai.


Behind The Place



We start off our journey to learn more about Doors by actually taking a journey to it. Located at the heart of one of the biggest tourist destinations in Dubai- Al Seef, Doors Dubai is always crowded with people from all over the globe. But even with its global presence, the air around Al Seef takes one back to the region’s proud heritage showcasing the area’s natural beauty.  


One can enjoy embarking on a walk through the busy streets Of Al Seef with dotted wind towers and sandstone buildings bringing back the old authentic Emirati customs and traditional feel all around. After a stroll through the past, you end up mesmerised by the brilliant sunset which is offered in front of the Doors Dubai.


Behind The Ambience


Doors Ambience

Seated at the open area of the restaurant overlooking the vibrant entryway to the Gulf’s Pearl Port, watching the sun set upon the sea, a refreshing glass of cool watermelon juice is served to not only quench your thirst but enhance the taste of the food that comes after. 


You look around and find yourself taking in the breathtaking beauty inside the luxurious Doors Dubai. The golden and brown radiant shine emitted from the heart of the room fills your own heart with the luxurious need to celebrate every moment inside the Doors. Everything around the Doors opens yours to cherish every moment since you’ve first stepped inside. 


Behind The Service



The service delivered by Doors is something you’ve only heard in reviews. Fit for the kings and queens, the service of the Doors makes sure to cater to all your needs treating you like the kings and queens you became, from the moment you step inside the Doors. 


Elegantly, the service wakes you up from your dream to guide you on the specialities of the day and what they think you might enjoy during your visit to Doors. From the careful way of serving to the elegant way of cutting their meat in front of you, you can expect the best of the best from the people who reside inside the Doors.


Behind The Food


Gold Fish


After taking your orders, you eagerly wait for your food to be prepared and watch with every dish that passes by to another table for another king or queen. Recognising the waitful eyes, our service gladly informs you that the wait adds flavour to its dishes and the more the wait, the more the richness it offers.

You are then surprised with entries of spectacular appetisers leading up to the main dishes of the evening, the dishes to dine for.  The exotic array of ingredients, like Wagyu beef, sourced from all over the world, the dramatic presentation of dishes on the table and the aromas and sights that wow your senses and the tastes that leave a long lasting impression.


From the finest cuts of meat, seasoned and cooked to perfection, the exquisite Beef Asado to the unique Thor’s Hammer Steak, the Five Senses Lamb Burger, our master chefs in the kitchen definitely know how to prepare meat to perfection.

There is also an irresistible array of delicious side dishes, salads, and desserts.  If we’ve caught your attention with these, what about the Grilled King Prawns, Crab Legs, Sea Salt Baked Sea Bass and more caught fresh from the sea. 


At Doors Dubai, every dish has a purpose, a flavour to serve our fine customers. Book your table today and experience the truth behind the Doors.

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