November 30, 2021

50 years of UAE and a tall glass of our mocktail




The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. 


If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.


The United Arab Emirates’ 50th National Day is less than one month away and the country is planning a host of events to mark it’s golden jubilee, and we didn’t want to be left behind!


We are knee-deep in the holiday season. It’s the perfect time for our mixologists to handcraft their innovative mocktails, and begin the celebrations on a sweet note. In line with its celebrations for UAE’s 50th National Day, Doors Freestyle Grill has introduced a delicious new drink, National Day Mocktail. Our specially handcrafted mocktail not only adds to the festive spirit of the Doors fine dining experience, but also enhances the flavours of our gourmet specialities.


This exquisite mocktail is prepared with freshly sourced ingredients such as, Grapes, Mixed Berries Puree, Lemon, Apple and Peach. This long weekend, join us at Doors Freestyle Grill to celebrate 50 years of our monumental nation, as you enjoy the fireworks by the creek and savour the taste of our handcrafted mocktail.

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